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The kitchen is the heart of a home, where we gather to share meals, entertain, share stories and create memories with loved ones. It’s such a significant part of the house, therefore paying attention to the build and layout is very important. For instance, while entertaining you may feel more connected with everyone if the kitchen and eating area are one. Creating an open concept layout for your kitchen may be one that you can enjoy for many years to come. Additionally, there are many elements to choose from when designing a kitchen beyond the important kitchen cabinets. Here are a few decisions our design team can guide you through and make this process seamless.


Countertops are a great investment in any house, and will make kitchen design exquisite! There are many different types and colours to choose from. We personally recommend granite and quartz countertops. If you’re designing a one-of-a-kind kitchen, granite is the one for you. Granite countertops are exotic and each slab embraces a unique pattern. On the other hand, if you are designing a kitchen and are seeking an even appearance, quartz is the one for you. Manufacturers can control the appearance of quartz to provide a consistent colour throughout.

Both granite and quartz options are low maintenance and easy to clean. In addition, both options are high-end and will bring more value to your home. We welcome you to contact us and our design team will be more than helpful to guide you through these decisions and provide solutions and ideas that suit your style and home!


Once you’ve decided which countertop suits your home, we can move forward towards the kitchen cabinets. The colour of the cabinets may depend on the colour scheme and the backsplash you choose. If you want to have more backsplash options to pick from, we recommend neutral colours for the cabinets. Not only are neutrals timeless, neutral colours also provide an easy going environment when it comes to decor. There will always be opportunities to vary your home decor seasonally without limiting your options to a specific colour scheme.


Lighting is essential to enjoy the space and bringing the kitchen to life! For a polished and elegant look, we recommend pot lights. We enjoy pot lights in kitchen due to them not taking away from the height of the ceiling.


Flooring will be determined by the previous choices we mentioned above. The countertops, kitchen cabinets and so on will provide specific ideas as to what floor options will be best for your home. Our design team will provide options from ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles to hardwood, laminate floors and more.

Kitchen Trends

Mixing metal finishes within the kitchen is a very popular kitchen trend. It creates a unique and one-of-a-kind kitchen design. A stunning combination is selecting stainless steel appliances with dark copper tones, this mix will bring out an exotic look to your kitchen in conjunction of the countertop and cabinets you’ve picked out!

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