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Now that you have the time and a trusted contractor to work with, you can finally think about your new bathroom remodel and what your vision is! A lot of people struggle with all the options that are available to them: tiles, paint, tub, shower, and vanity. Some options are too modern, too plain, too Tuscan or simply too ugly.

It can get difficult to narrow down your options and create your dream space. In this article we’ll write about the essentials for a luxurious bathroom tiles: shower/tub, vanity and lighting. We encourage you to speak with us about your ideas and we’ll help you put them together to create a beautiful bathroom oasis.

Floor Tiles

Let’s start off with tiles! Tiles are an essential in any bathroom; they also bring an elegant and luxurious component to any bathroom. There are countless of options to go with. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are the most common for bathrooms, simply because they are easy to maintain and have a wide range of options to pick from. Whether you love stone tiles to beautiful colours and patterns, ceramic or porcelain tiles have it all. They can insure your bathroom to be up to date for many years to come.

Tip: A very useful tip to make any small bathroom appear larger, is sticking to lighter colours, mirrors, and clean lines. This helps open and brighten up any space which will make the bathroom look even bigger.

Shower and Tub

Who doesn’t want a spa like bathroom in their own home? Especially after a long day of work! A nice warm bath or a refreshing rainfall shower will do the trick! Adding accent pieces to your shower/tub, wall and tiles is a great way to make a focal point in your bathroom with so many choices to choose from it is a great way to personalize your space.


The bathroom vanity brings everything together! You need to decide on the size of the vanity depending on your space. If you plan on remodeling a bathroom you share consider the option of two sinks and two mirrors. This will allow you to have a more organized and hassle free bathroom! Not to mention, it will look a lot more luxurious! Also consider a vanity design that will allow you to have storage; with everything tucked away it helps with organization and makes cleaning a whole lot easier!

Tip: If you have a smaller bathroom, we recommend pocket doors also known as sliding doors. This specific door allows you to have more room in your bathroom, since you’ll only have to slide it versus opening the door. Pocket doors also add a flawless and minimalistic design element.


The most important factor for your bathroom is lighting, it can totally transform your room. More light will bring out the beautiful colours and patterns in your new bathroom. And of course at night, from a safety standpoint, it always preferable to see your surroundings.

We recommend pot lights, over vanity lights, and under counter vanity lights, just to name a few. The options are endless.

Tip: Lighting that you can dim is a great addition for any bathroom

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